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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
If something is not done in your best interest then it is illogical. [1]

Altruism (n): disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others or behaviour of an animal that benefits another at its own expense.

You literally cannot act both altruistically and in your own self-interest by definition. [2]

Acting altruistically for your own benefit (inc. emotional benefit - you want to see them close to you have a nice future) is not acting altruistically by definition of what acting altruistically is. Donating money to people you don't know or care for would be altruistic as you don't benefit from it. This is want voting for taxation and redistribution policies forces.

It's contradictory because 'is' is definite whilst 'probably is' is not definite. [3]

[1]: Could you please explain to me how this is appearently a fact and not a question of philosophy?

[2]: The moment you choose to do something logicaly, you are doing it in your own interest, because everything you do is eventualy for yourself. Just because it's not in your own interest doesn't mean it can't indirecty be to make yourself feel good; how many times haven't we all heard the frase "Helping others makes me happy"?

[3]: Me saying it's "bad" is my opinion. I can say it "is" bad, even though it would be better to use "I think it is". But I think it is bad, and my opinion is true to me. However on real life results I am not going to say it "is" bad, because bad is subjective; I can however say it will most likely end up with negative results, or something else less specific, etc.

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