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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
It's not a logical decision. Handing over money to people I don't know (anonymously) goes against my self-interest: it hurts me to be altruistic.

You said that making illogical decision was bad but later changed it to making logical decisions was most likely resulting in something negative (i.e., bad). I see this as a contradiction.

[1]: That doesn't make the decision illogical. Altruism can be based on logical decision making. Doing something in the interest of others can be because you want to secure a future for the people you care for, or many other logical reasons;
it wouldn't be illogical untill you did it just because you felt like doing something random or in the name of something which existence you have no certainty of.

[2]: I'm using an objective argument to support my opinion ( "bad" ), not contradicting myself. In this case "most likely negative results" (or whatever it was I said) was to support my view of it being "bad".

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