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i hade a long talk with my best friend about depression and all this stuff today and we've decided to make this box and put in it EVERYTHING taht makes me depressed or that i use to harm myself and give it to her for safe keeping b/c i still cant stand to throw it all away.
so i rooted out my room and the box is so full and heavy. i feel acomplished now. we're working on getting me out of this depression. first i need to go back to my doc and get on different meds b/c these obviously arent working all that well. then when i feel a bit better and i have some cash i am going shopping and i am going to dress like the trendy person i know i can be when i am happy lol...all punk and shizzy then i am going to keep a different type of journal, a happy one where i only write the good things in my life.

ok im rambling now...ill let you all know how it goes.

im sorry to say that VT aids in my depression b/c of the type of personality i have. i care about so many of you so much and i can talk to you on AIM but i just cant keep coming here...i guess thats why i left the first time, b/c this place helps me become a zombie. im sorry to anyone who might miss me, ill miss you ALOT and believe me when i say that is the truth.

patch, i love you and i'll miss you big time. IM me some time ok?
Heather, we already talk on AIM so this isnt really a good bye but i wanna tell you that i think of you as one of my good friends.
josh, VT is amazing! congradulations on creating such a safe place for us broken folk. this site has saved my life.
everyone else who reads this: good luck with what ever problem you have that brought you here.

<3<3 love
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