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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
This is contradictory.

An example of how illogical reasoning can be good is when I vote to give away some of my hard-earned money to poor people (i.e., taxation and redistribution policies). There's no logical basis to give away my money to people I don't know and hold no connection with, but if we refer to my emotions then it makes perfect sense.
There's no logical reason for altruism? I disagree. There are plenty of logical reasons for altruism. I think your views on logic are very misguided. You seem to be confusing rationality with some selfish Ayn Rand style Objectivism. That's ridiculous.

Giving your money away to poor people is sometimes logical because it helps them get back on their feet and ultimately, reduces the amount of suffering in the world. Reducing the amount of suffering in the world is a logical thing to do because suffering is bad.

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