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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
[1]: I never said you were.

[2]: For what ends?

[3]: The main problem I have is that you a) Presume this is a meaningful criticism and b) Don't actually hold logically consistent views yourself.

[4]: Cool. Feel free to demonstrate how without pointing to fundamentalists.

[5]: Fantastic.

[6]: I'm aware of this.

[7]: It is. But it being illogical doesn't necessarily make it bad. I do lots of illogical things.

[8]: Feel free to expand here.

[9]: I'm doubtful that people would find an as successful anchor.

[10]: I don't actually see the problem in it.

I like getting drunk sometimes. I'm slowly killing myself but it's fun.

The world would be a very boring place if everyone acted rationally the entire time.
If you feel that the benefits of getting drunk outweigh the consequences, that's the logical thing to do. I think your views on logic are very misguided. You seem to think that in a world where everyone acted rationally all the time, there would be no fun and everyone would just work and study all the time. This isn't the case at all.

Now, lets look back at what I said. Somebody claimed that you shouldn't criticise the faith of others. I disagreed. I think faith is worthy of criticism because it is an irrational belief. Do you disagree that faith is an irrational belief?

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