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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
And, I'm saying that's not an all-to-valid line of reasoning to take given the fact that there is very few people capable of developing a world view around pure logic, and fewer who do.
I'm not demanding everybody adapt my worldview, I'm merely posting my opinions on the internet. I think faith is illogical, and ultimately detrimental to human society. That's it. I'm not demanding everybody adapt to or agree with my opinion, I'm just stating it on a forum designed specifically so people can post their opinions.
Originally Posted by phuckphace427 View Post
it's all fine and dandy to promote the ideals of logic and reason. I don't have an issue with that.

what I do have a problem with is when the Internet Atheist Inquisition Kru declares that religion should be thrown out on the sole basis that faith is illogical,
I never said it should be "thrown out". I just said I think relying on faith is illogical, and billions of people all relying on faith to make their decisions is dangerous.
while completely disregarding the enormous net benefits that organized religion and faith have for humanity.
I'm well aware that believing in a deity can have some positive psychological effects, but if nobody believed in God there would be other places for people to go to to feel a sense of belonging and to confide in someone. Other than that, you're joking, right? Organized religion is good for society? Are you high, or just fucking with me?
I see this same type of narrow-minded thinking in libertarians, who don't understand (and refuse to consider) why some people do things that don't involve making money.
I'm not a libertarian anymore, you can stop going off topic to attack them now.
Even as an atheist I find this desire for rigid and emotionless, black-and-white rationality in all areas of our lives unhealthy.
Really? I don't see a problem with everyone acting rationally all the time. To me, that sounds like a perfect society.
besides, our existence is pointless and accidental anyway, so there's no harm in worshiping a non-existent deity. it's surely no more pointless than anything else we do with our meaningless lives, right?
Can everyone stop putting words in my mouth? It's getting annoying. I never said our lives were pointless or meaningless, I said they have no inherent meaning. What that means is nobody is just born with a purpose. What meaning or purpose your life has is up to you. If you want the meaning of your life to be to marry and have a family, or to become the President of Venezuela, or own a casino, or win a nobel prize, or just be really happy all the time, that's up to you.

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