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Default Re: Religion

Originally Posted by Dark Prelate View Post
So telling people that what they believe in is a farce and a lotta bullshit helps social progress?
Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
Phuckphace's point is that most theists don't give a shit.

Which is entirely true.

Stalin was responsible for about 15 - 20 million.

Though, few (if any) of them stemmed from his atheism.

[1]: I can guarantee you that most people hold an illogical value or ten.

[2]: In your opinion.

[3]: No it doesn't.

[4]: I always find this incredibly ironic when put across by atheists.

[5]: You'll find 'progress' to be an incredibly subjective term.

tl;dr: religion is bad because fundamentalists.
Somebody said we shouldn't criticise the faith of others, and I disagreed. I can and do criticise faith because I think any belief system that relies on faith instead of reason and logic is incredibly flawed and thus worthy of criticism. That's it.

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