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Originally Posted by Gamma Male View Post
I criticise it because it's illogical and detrimental to society as a whole. It encourages scientific illiteracy, blind faith, and opposition to social progress. Making homosexuality illegal in the middle east and parts of Africa, discouraging the use of condoms and subsequently spreading aids in Africa, clashes and wars between christians and muslims, hate crimes against gays worldwide, reduction of women to slaves in parts of the middle east, all of that stuff is caused by religion.

is there really a need to run through this worn and tattered laundry list of all the petty grievances you have with religion every time someone says they're religious? he's right, faith gives people hope and that hope benefits them in a lot of ways (positive psychological impact, as he put it). believe me, "muh logic", "muh progress" "muh homosexuality" etc., they've heard it all from twelve dozen hard-as-fuck Internet Atheists before. you should probably drop your anti-religion crusade (heh) and actually think about why people hold faith and why it's so important to them. you obviously don't have to believe any of it, but constantly demonizing it in this way makes you look angry and childish. and guess what? raving about it on the Internet isn't going to change anything and as we speak, the WASPs are continuing to breed and teach their children about Jesus and there's nothing you or anybody else can do about it. might as well deal.

btw you need to get better examples. Stalin the atheist was personally responsible for what...30 to 40 megadeaths? brb writing a long angsty post on the Internet about how evil atheists are.

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