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Default i was siting at home . . .

I was sitting at home watching TV one night.
I saw a varey interesting sight.

Spaceships leaft and spachips right,
Straning there moters withe all there might.

i ran into the house with hope
needing to find my long lost teliscope

there it was in my dreser drawer
under my bananan and apple core

i went outside teliscope in hand
and watched the spaceship zoom across the land

i weant inside to call my son-in-law's niece
because my sun-in-law was with the police

she answerd the phone like a frightend mouse
i said there are spachips fliying outside of my house

your lying she said and hung up thr phone
and all i heard was the dial tone

thene i realized how hard it would be
to convince the people about the spachips and me

i went outside i knew they wouldent stay
i yelled out loud why doint you go away

then all of a sudden the noise of the engins cleared
and they were gone they had disaperd

i am sad they are gone i said to mysellf
i was begining to like them as much as myself
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