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if any of you guys remember how depressed i was last year then you should be unhappy to hear that i am back to that place again. nothing seems to make me happy, its a chore to get out of bed each day, i dont seem to be eating anything unless i am bing eating and then i just throw it all up...i am really sick guys, my meds arent helping me at all anymore, i need more help than i am getting but i am too scared to go back to the hospital...i want to go back but there are too many things going on in my life that i refuse to just drop...i wish there was an easy way out...some quick fix...some pill that actually worked to make me happy. b/c without it i am suffering, big time.

so i guess that answers your post patch, sorry for being so cyincal

thankyou for your support heather and bjl17. it means alot and it really does help
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