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Originally Posted by ArtistInNeed View Post
ok, so ive never masturbated before and im 16 >< it never felt good for me. So i bought a vibrator (wich i found out u have to be 18 to get) and it works and feels really good on ur clit. woo trust me!
I am 13, I started my period for the first time a month ago, while trying to insert a tampon I got excited. Now I play with myself at least 3 times a night . I am now using my electric toothbrush between my legs, it feels soooo good. I know I will probably get caught by my mom, but I don't never want to stop, she has already ask me a couple of times if I am having trouble down there because of the discharges in my panties, I guess I will have to start washing my On my own clothes.

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