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Post Re: um just wondering if im the only one

Originally Posted by thatgothgirluknow View Post
so maybe this is in the wrong form but i dont know what to call it and this seemed like the closest thing so here it goes because of abuse and trust isuses im realy sensitive to others position and touch like if someone goes behind and i dont know theyer there ill flinch when i turn around and see them behind me but its not that they scared me i dont know why i flinch and i have the same problem with my shoulders like i absulutley can not stand for them to be touched by anyone else but me and when someone does i tense up and often flinch people constantly try to hug me and put theyer arms on my shoulders and i do everything in my power not to flinch because i worry that itll make them think i dont like them or something but i dont know how to explain my problems can anyone tell me if they have had simular problems and if so what can i do
im actually the same way. but for me it could be because im a nervous flinchy person to begin with.
anyways, I wouldnt worry about it. if you dont want them to hug you, then tell them. If they dont understand then explain that you just rather people dont. its nothing to do with them. if they dont understand there is nothing you can do. You did what you can. dont feel bad about it though. Id completely understand if i was the other person and you flinched.

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