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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I have talked to my dad who is a Phy Ed teacher and sex ed teacher about being gay or bi ot straight.
When we were all in moms womb being developed we were all one sex at one time, then the genes came and determined what sex we should be.
At the school he is at they both sexes still shower aft gym class, next year he will see me so I asked him that now in gym class I get hard ons and he told me most of the boys do so you have nothing to fret.
He knows I do a lot of petting with my girlfriend but I told him I want to be with a guy once to see what it is like and he told me to try it so I will not have it on my mind.
I have not did it yet but my girlfriend cannot jack me off. I know a guy will and can.
This is where my twin comes in, we have jo'ed each other and like it but then go to see girlfriend, So I am not gay or Bi.
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