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Originally Posted by grave
Originally Posted by Elokyn
its not illegal to have sex at any age as long as it's consentual and they're within 3 years of each other...atleast in texas....they cant make it against the law to have sex until a certain age....well they can cus they suck ass but I's a law that would get broken daily
Three years? Thats bullshit. All of that is. I don't think the law should interfere with anyone's sexual activities unless its rape.

((holy crap I sounded really smart!))
stfu kid. Be nice to the girl. What the hell did she do to you?
There should be laws you dumb shit. If there wasnt, you would be having kids between 10-15 having kids. And you think that laws that stop you from doing so are bullshit? get a life.
Ps. No, you did not sound smart. Maybe to your standards, but looks like they are not very high.
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