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Originally Posted by gothy View Post
Why cant she have both. You can ignore parts you dont believe in for one and believe in the rest. I mean religion is just created by humans. I dont believe in anything more than the other. It is more interesting when people create their own or combine two. Though it does not make sense to some people exactly how certain combinations can be made, i think one really needs to know what someone believes in order to understand the combination.
It's very hard to theologically justify having two religions. Once you start ignoring some parts of a theological text that you just don't like you have to question why you would believe any part of it at all if it can be dismissed so easily. Either the bible is true, or the bible is false. If it's true then worship of things other than the 'one true god' would be a sin. If it's false then there isn't really much to justify using it as part of a different mix of religions.

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