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Name: garrett
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do you prefer;

[ ] big breast
[x] medium
[ ] small breast

[x] shaven
[ ] short
[ ] unshaven

[x] blond
[x] black
[ ] red
[x] brown

how old are you? 15

what do you like in a girl? i like their personaity, but their looks have to be decent...

have you lost your virginity? nope

what do you think the average bra size is for girls your age? C i think

what do you think a small bra size is for a girl your age? uh like A

what do you think a big bra size is for girls your age? uh same as the question above

what percentage of girls your age are virgin? like 90% at my school

have you had sex? no

if so what kind? none

do you have/had a girlfriend and if so how many? i have had about 5-6 girlfriends, currently no girlfriend

have you started puberty? yes

what age did you start? around 11-12ish

what percentage of girls your age have started puberty do you think? all of them

do more girls your age have big, small, little, or no breast? medium

do you like big nipples or small? uh i dont know

have you had a serious girlfriend? i have not had a serious girlfriend that i would have had sex with, but the girls that i have been with i did really like at the time/

have you seen a girl naked? yes

do you have a best girl friend? yes

have you touched girls breast? yes

have you seen a girl get dressed? yes
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