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Im 5'6'' and I am 119 lbs, I have like absolutly no fat in my legs, neck, arms, or head, it's just all located at my belly and butt. (Oh, I am a guy) I used to never be hungry, but now all of a sudden I am eating more than usual. I think it's because I am finally in the growing stage of puberty, or I am just getting a bigger stomache. I have ADD and take Stratera (I think that's how I spell it), and the side effects were not being hungry, and I never WAS hungry. Like, I was in your same situation, I would eat one meal a day. Anywho, I think you are fine.. just TRY to eat a healthy snack once in a while. Just so your body doesn't get lack of vitamins and minerals. I am not much help I know, but I try to put in a word once in awhile.
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