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Agnostic. raised Christian.

[QUOTE=BuryYourFlame;2774373]I would encourage you to question why you believe what you believe and observe the writings of both of these beliefs. While Wicca does not necessarily exclude the possibility of Christianity, Christianity is very specific that "the only way to the Father is through [Jesus]" and has a range of other verses to the meaning that other religions are not accepted at best and a sin at worst ("thou shall have no gods before me"). It makes it very clear that you are either are a Christian or you are not.


Why cant she have both. You can ignore parts you dont believe in for one and believe in the rest. I mean religion is just created by humans. I dont believe in anything more than the other. It is more interesting when people create their own or combine two. Though it does not make sense to some people exactly how certain combinations can be made, i think one really needs to know what someone believes in order to understand the combination.
you see i was raised christian but then as i learned more and more about world religions and religious intolerance, i personally chose to separate myself from organized religion.

this is just my view on this. i support everyone who is religious and everyone who isnt.

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