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Originally Posted by curiousteen View Post
and also it was my first time measuring my self . at 12 i was 6 in and at 13 yrs old i was 6 1/2in then at 13 i was 7 1/2 and had a grows spurt for some reason and now at 14 im 8 in. now i just want to know if there is somethin wrong wit me growing so fast? does anyone have an answer.
No there's nothing wrong with you, some people grow 10 inches in height in one year, it's just genes and chance really!

Originally Posted by GAboy
When I materbate after im done my erection disapperes and i cant do it again. is that normal???????????????? ;] :[
Yes, that's called the refractory period. "In physiology, a refractory period is a period of time during which an organ or cell is incapable of repeating a particular action" - Wikipedia
It's very normal to lose your erection quickly after masturbating and not being able to masturbate again for awhile
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