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The classic "I could stop if I wanted." But it's true. I still find drugs of all kinds (excluding heroin, meth, and crack because I see no purpose in those drugs they are the three that I think no person can use without dying from direct use) as a way to warp reality and make it greater. It may sound sad that I need a drug to do that but if you don't do drugs its hard to understand. Each drug is an experience of its own. LSD was a trip that changed my view on life. It (for me) opened my eyes how we're all going to die right? Why not enjoy every second while doing what you love for money? Shroomies were kinda that same feeling after. Coke makes you superman, though it could be catastrophic if you can handle yourself its very fun. Drugs just alter the neurotransmitters one way or another right? So they're just altering your mind for the time being, but there's always a negative to them. Memory loss, kidney failures, blah blah blah all bad stuff. But its all a gamble. If you can maintain life while not frying your brain day after day, drugs are great. Once you let it control you is where it goes sour. Thats my schpeel. I'm on probation now (not drug related) so I had to stop, but I still think drugs are fun. Hence the "I could stop tomorrow," because I kinda did lol.

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