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Default Re: *** Official Female Puberty Survey ***

I'm skiping a few....

Your Body:

Bra Size: lmao i don't know..honetly i dont
Shoe Size:11/12..i buy mens sneakers in a 9 1/2
Height: 5'8ish
BMI:20. i think...


Have you started puberty?
duh yes
-At what age?
--Do you think you were early or late at starting?
yea early
Are you happy with your breast size?
i dont care
-What do you think is your ideal size?
depends who ya ask...
--What do you think the average size is for girls your age?
no clue
Have you compared yourself with other girls your are?
when i was younger...


At what age did you get you first period?
-Was it painful?
first one wasn't ..this one is lol
How long do your periods last?
ha um, i really dont know...cause it changes
Do you get them regularly (one a month)?
no haha
Do you use tampons or sanitary towels?
ahem, NAPKINS, not towels


Have you had sex with someone?
-Did you enjoy it?
--Do you regret it?
If you haven̢۪t had sex, at what age to you plan to have sex?
-Will you wait until you are married?
probably ..if i ever get married
What types of sex have you tried?
Would you show your boobs If a guy asked you to? way!
Do you have a boyfriend?
Have you kissed someone?

Sexual Orientation:

Are you straight, lesbian, bi-sexual, or curious?
oh you wanna know dont you
If straight, do you think homosexuality is ok?
haha i'd be very screwd up if i didn't
What do you look for in a girlfriend/boyfriend?
nice, nice, and nice
Have you ever had a relationship?
If so how long?
Did you ever cheat on this person?
-Did they find out?
--How did they react?
---Has this taught you a lesson?
[n/a to all]

People & Places:

Do you have sleepovers with friends?
most girls do...
Do you compare boob sizes to friends?
not really
Have you been seen naked by family members, by friends?
what the heck is this q?
Do your parents give you birth control?
um, i won't go 'do it'...


Was this survey good?
Is there anything else you would like to add
i cut out two categorizers..kinda explicit lol

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