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Default Feelings and hormones

I have been having these feeling for guys from an early age but not in a noticeable way (it is a feeling like I was born with it). I have denied it to myself that I am bi/gay from about 9-13, I'm 13(I do not have anything against gay/bi people) but I suppose at the age from 9-13 I just wanted to fit in and try to ignore the feelings.
I have been getting stronger urges for guys this past year, I'm not sure if they are just hormones or what .I have feeling for girls as well but in smaller way than for boys.
Can anyone help am I bi/gay/or going through hormones?

Sorry if some of the post does not make sense I get nervous (I have tried to post this several times but did not have the guts).
Also sorry if ur sick of answering these posts.
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