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Default Re: The New Diary Request Forum

Originally Posted by maticek View Post
Title - правда
Description - a place for debates to go conpletly out of hand and where people can learn about the truth
Owners - me (i can ad ownesr later right if not make Comerade Mike one too)
You'll have to think of another title. VT is an English forum.

Originally Posted by Gamma Male View Post
Okay, I want a diary. And this time I promise I won't change my mind at the last minute.

Name: Charles Mansons Chocolate Factory
Description: I'd like to pick a flower for your lapel, but y'know, there are too many insects watching. I'm afraid they'll tell on me. Sssshhhhhhhhhh!

Originally Posted by The DragonRider View Post
Hi there. I'd like to request my diary:

The Dragon's Den
Close the door or my pets will fly out!! Okay, now watch your feet. They like to burn toes.

Please quote me or I won't be able to take notice, and could you please save a link for me to put in my siggie?

Thanks for the trouble,
The Dragonrider

Originally Posted by Broken Pen View Post
Title: Broken Plain
Description: A broken place for broken members of broken parts of this broken VT forum,where a Broken Pen is going to do write some broken things

Moderators: Just me for now

As of this post, there are 11 open spots for diaries.

Always here to help. Don't hesitate to PM me.

Machines Are Taking Over
-and also Beth, with Max too
Contact me at [email protected]
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