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Seems I'm finding it hard to stay away, sorry you couldn't get rid of me


Everyone's born with shackles on their wrists and ankles. A padlock but no key, restricting their movement, choking their freedom. I guess our purpose in life is to break free of these metaphorical chains, to develope views and oppinions, traits and mannerisms, stretch our limbs and test the limits. And right now, I'm looking around at the prisoners around me, and I'm watching with wide-eyed envy as the links break and shatter. And I'm staring down at my own, pathetically wiggling a finger or shaking an arm in a half hearted attempt to do the same. I know it'll never work. I'm going to be bound here forever, watching generations of prisoners become escapees. I'll be the old familiar in the corner muttering advice on the quickest methods, because I've seen them all a thousand times.
And even when my chains become rusty and frail, and eventually crumple to an orange dust around my body, I still wont move. I wont know how to by then. Because I'm leaving it too long and I'm giving up all hope.
If you find the key, don't tell me, because you know I'd hate freedom anyway.


I can't even fucking write anymore. I'm producing shit in black and white. Might as well just give the fuck up now, what's the point?


*...All the possibility and promise just weighs on me so heavily...*
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