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Default just wrote it cause im board

this is one boring day
one varey boring day
so unless you have somthing to say
o did i mintion this is a boring day
so just to say i beat you think
this story stinks and that i should get a life
but hey it was excpected of you
so before i live this masive pit of distruction
that lay befor my varey eyes i must add
this is a boring day
so if you think this poame stinks you are right
it does you see for im no good at writing poams
but i do my beast and thats good anufgh for me
so hey i want to say good luck for all you
good luck to all you happy writers
and goodby for now
tell we meat agen in this room of dust

hey i know that poam stinks but post any way doint be afrade to tell me what you think of it but be honist okay
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