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Hi there, we as humans naturally organize things into categories. Its just something us humans do, so putting things in order like that is not unusual. Although if its getting out of hand then it could possibly be OCD.

Look at this. #8. You stated that you didn't notice you did this. So we can assume that what you do there isn't OCD.

I also want you to consider is that every human being as a bit of "OCD" in them. Obsessive compulsive DISORDER is a disorder that has to be EXTREME.

Only when it starts to get out of hand would it be considered a disorder. Sure some things you listed can certainly be OCD. Since you stated that its starting to bother your family could be a sign that its actually a disorder since its starting to affect you, and the people around you.

I can safely say that some things you listed are not OCD, more of a pet peeve I guess you can say, but thats not the problem, the problem is that its affecting others around you, so I would suggest a professional diagnosis.

Good luck
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