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Originally Posted by thatgothgirluknow View Post
my relighan is kinda confusing im christain and wiccan i have allot of beliefs with both relighans
I would encourage you to question why you believe what you believe and observe the writings of both of these beliefs. While Wicca does not necessarily exclude the possibility of Christianity, Christianity is very specific that "the only way to the Father is through [Jesus]" and has a range of other verses to the meaning that other religions are not accepted at best and a sin at worst ("thou shall have no gods before me"). It makes it very clear that you are either are a Christian or you are not.

Originally Posted by rprsupercar View Post
I believe in God and the Bible's the ultimate truth. No questions asked and I'm really surprised that there are so many who don't even believe God exists. Not everything in this world can be explained scientifically.
Which parts are entirely factual and historically true? Is all of Genesis completely true? Are all of the contradictions in the bible true at the same time?
I'm very surprised at the "no questions asked" part. You need to constantly question why and what you believe. It is how we grow as people and as a society.
No, not absolutely everything can be explained by science at the moment. This, however, is not a valid argument for the existence of a God or the validity of the Bible. As I mentioned to someone the other day when discussing psychics/mediums etc.; the apparent lack of a logical explanation is not reason for an illogical explanation.

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