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Default as my beast freand dies

as i came home evreything was all fine
then my mom got a call frome a freand
she said that my freand had bean hert
ran over by a car to be exsact
it was said he was diging a hole and went acrsoe the street
to put some dirt over there but as he was
just going back his littal brother did he see
my freand thinking varey smart tried to get his brother away frome the street so he ran over to save him but just as he did a woman was driving over the hill but before she could stop it had been much to late he lay dead in the middale of the street my only regrate was that i hadent said i love you to him for now he is dead i ust to cry all night and all day tell i couldent cry no more then god showed me that there was life after death and that i would see him agen now i doint cry any more as you see but still do i ever miss him but tell i see him agen i will try to live life to it's fulist doing my beast in all that i do for that is my goil in life

by the way this is a poame based on a true story it realy happend to me my beast freands name was brady and his sister was so sade cus the last thing she said to him was ya right! o how haert rinching and sad that is
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