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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by One_Time View Post
So, I have several questions and I'll list them for you.

1.) When I'm erect, my penis seems to point "down" (below 90 degrees) and I think my boxer briefs are causing this. The boxer briefs are snug (and helps with boners a TON) but I feel reg. boxers would help it point higher. Is it genetic or is it the boxers? Maybe both?

2.) I am Christian and I can't lust. Is masturbating without thinking of people/fantasies okay? I can't be sure whether God agrees with me and I know this isn't a religious board. All I am asking is if masturbating without lustful thoughts okay?

3.) I love me some gay porn and I don't like that at all. I want to be straight and honestly , I don't think being gay wouldn't be best for myself anyway. I just really have trouble finding find "vajiggle" attractive. Shaved vajiggle looks pretty goodish and trimmed looks okay.

HOW DO DO I LOVE VAGINA? (I am so sorry. I feel like a joke right now.)
1) It's probably genetic, thought I don't know much about it.
2) I'm a Christian too. Don't forget that you can confess your sins, it might be awkward, but I confess all the time and I got used to it. But yes, the Bible doesn't say anything about masturbation, so if you do it without lustful thoughts then it's not a sin. I believe I read a Church article about this, tell me if you want me to dig it up.
3) Quick mention: watching porn is a sin. If you enjoy gay porn, then go ahead and watch, but when watching girls don't just focus on the vagina, check out the big picture: the stomach, thighs and other parts of her body. If it helps, check out porn with only girls in it.
P.S. So sorry if this post is against the forum rules.

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