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Default Re: The New Diary Request Forum

Originally Posted by Dannibabi View Post
Can I request a diary please if there's room?

Title: The Round Room
Description: Come on in and have a seat in the corner.
Moderators: Just me for now

Thank you
Done for you. Sorry for the delay.

Originally Posted by Stuey1 View Post
I'm still interested. I was busy with other things, which is the reason i haven't been on here.

Originally Posted by Vocabulous View Post
Title: The Real Diary, The Best Diary
Description: it's just this thing, you know?
Mods: just me.

Originally Posted by Plane And Simple View Post
Title: Flying Tiger's Very Own House
Description: Would you like to hear cool stories and play games with a Flying Tiger? Step in, son.
Mods: Me, Ezra, Tomtiger10

Thank you

Originally Posted by Saint View Post
Title: Deciphered Codex
Description: Welcome to the enigma.
Moderators: Myself

If it's not too much to ask,could it be private(members only)? thank you
Created, and it'll be privated within the next day or so.

Originally Posted by Lyhom View Post
I'll try this again.

Title: Come on Down!
Description: You're the next viewer to Lyhom's diary!
Moderators: Me for now.

As of this post, we currently have 5 open spots for diaries.

Feel free to contact me: [email protected]|PM me
Feel free to visit: Ask Me|Diary|My Tumblr

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