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Originally Posted by Mikel14 View Post
there was a post about this a few weeks ago, a doctor had proven that there is no difference in the sensitivity or anything the only difference between the two is that they look different
That's not entirely true.

First off, studies vary. That just happens to be the latest study. It was neither the largest nor best-conducted. Past studies have found different things. I think it's pretty obvious that repeated exposure of skin is going to result in some desensitization. When an uncut guy has too much sensitivity, we tell him to expose it until it's desensitized enough for him. I'd wager that the difference falls somewhere between 0% and 50%, which are pretty much the extremes of what the studies have found.

There's also differences in function during sex and masturbation, obviously, but those are not measurable with numbers. IMHO, it's probably not a big enough difference to dwell on too much, but there's almost certainly some difference.


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