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Originally Posted by aconfusedone
Originally Posted by cosmos
im gay, marriage is something im never going to strive to achieve. i mean i have nothing against it, i have nothing for it. what it really comes down to is i dont care. i was only arguing against it because this thread is too boring when everyone agrees,and i wanted to add some spice. look theres always going to be people who hate gay people, who hate gay marriage, and thats why theres no point in fighting it.theres just not. why even WANT to do something that would cause distress in so many people? it means nothing. for as long as humans have been procreating theres been a special ritual joining couples togeather. today we have marriage. dont mess with it. i can still love someone, fuck someone, adopt a kid with someone, be HAPPY with someone without it
im confused. you have nothing against it? now your switching sides way to much for me!!!!! it was a GREAT point though!
No, it wasnt for you.
The debate forum was getting slow, so we desided to switch sides on this issue. And it seems the only one that keeps responding is you. So we are not doing it anymore.
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