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we should be there, because theres more people than you and me who deserve happiness. the people fighting against our troops are not the iraqi civilians, they are a militia of extremeists from syria who mix in with the insurgents and try to derail the democratic process. they are an enemy of freedom, an enemy of their own people. thats why whenever an insurgent stronghold is overrun by us forces, it was RATTED OUT by iraqi civilians. we are fighting terrorists, not unhappy iraqis as you like to claim. u seam to deny everything good thats come from this, and instead focus on the past which cant be changed. and im glad it wasnt changed, im glad were there, and i would support it again. it semas only a handful of people here like me and nick really value the freedoms of other people, and someone like you just damns them to tyranny without even batting an eye. way to be a shithead asshole. i mean fuck those iraqis, they can be oppressed under suddam, and noone needs to give a fuck right?
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