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Name: Cassie
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ive been cut free for a really long time and i always want to just pick up anything sharp and slice my arm. but i never did! i always wanted to see the blood running down just to no that im still living my life. but every time i think of that stuff i also think of my mom (she died when i was 7). i new my mom wouldnt be proud of me if i did that to my self i no she wouldnt have wanted me to end my life like that. so just think of your dad. think of how disappointed he would be if you ended your life being a cutter. think of all the people who love you.

ya no whats funny as im writing this i just noticed im bleeding NOT FROM A CUT from a bug bite it just accidentaly scratched it open. well im still alive.

so stop thinking of depression think about you family and the people that love you
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