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First of all, One_Time, i dont think your boxers or whatever is your problem. My boxers have had no affect on me.

Second, im Catholic and i masterbate all the time with just up and down in my head, no lust here, and God has not zapped me yet!

Third, just because you watch gay porn does not necesarely mean you are gay. I watch it occationaly yet i am attracted to women, not men

Originally Posted by outruncone8116 View Post
I have a question I walked in on my friend once and from what I could gather he does it to rough and to often because he was bleedin and there were pink patches of broken skin everywhere on it do I confront him about it or act like nothing happened?

You might want to tell your friend to lay off the masturbation a little! That doesn't sound like jacking off, more like hacking off! (skin, that is)

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