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Default Re: Do they go away for good?

It can take much longer than six weeks, often several months, for a medicine to work. Definitely make sure they know if there's been no improvement after six months. Don't worry, they will only put you back in the hospital if you really need it, and you can tell them your concerns about being put straight back in there. For your own good it's best if you tell them when you hear voices so they can treat you properly. I know what you mean, sometimes when I hear voices I think "how can they possibly not hear it? What's wrong with them?", and I can get quite paranoid and sometimes have thought that everyone elso is trying to trick me and are just pretending not to hear it. The way I see it at those times is this: yeah, maybe it's possible that they just can't hear it. But there's the possibility that it is all in my head, and an opportunity to get rid of it. There's nothing to lose, so you might as well try it. Good luck You take care of yourself

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