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we shouldnt be in Iraq could keep saying the bullshit about how 27 million people are now gonna be free, we atatcked Iraq, cuz of weapons on mass destruction, when it was Bushs same administration that said in the begining that iraq posed no threat.

Bush is a liar and hes an idiot.

On March 19 2003 we invaded iraq, can you imagine sitting down for dinner and a fuckin bomb drops on your house, your family and relatives are dead.

Innocent people died, for no reason.

Iraq had no weapons

Iraq did not pose a threat to the US

they didnt attack us...period, they did not

Bush is probably holding a fuckin grudge because Saddam had problems with hid daddy

because troops are in iraq madrid got bombed last year....London just got bombed, its a message that we shouldnt be there.....i dont condone the attacks I dont want you sons of bitches to put words in my mouth.

On this website the extremist said that italy would be another target, and do you know what Italy did, they removed their troops, cuz they had the best interest for their people.

Iraq isnt a justifibale war.....we are spending Billion upon billions of dollars for war....when our own kids in public school arent getting materials for them to learn properly, old beaten textbook, no computers, horrible school lunch Did you know that Bush,decreased funding for educational purposes?

but noooooo iraq is much more imprtant than an education, that is why the united states have low educational standing comapred to the rest of the world.

Iraq is an unjust war.

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