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Originally Posted by xandyx View Post
^^^ This. So much this!!

My foster bros and sis could tell you how "awesome" drugs are, and so could I. My biological parents neglected me to go get high. My "dad" left me in my playpen probably for 12 hours at a time and didn't speak to me because he was all zoned out on something or other. I fricken learned to talk and even think way late because of that "noble" tweaker. I didn't even know HOW to healthily attach to people because I was basically IGNORED as a baby...and I still don't sometimes but I'm getting better. He also left me with some random neighbor so many times to go score. Didn't tell anyone where I was or anything. God knows what else he did, I was only like 1 or 2 but I'm still suffering from mental illness for that frickin buzz.
stories like this are heartbreaking to read, all the more so when you witness firsthand the horrible effects of hard drugs and then hear some snot-nosed anarchist whining about the need for all-out legalization. the next time someone says that to my face they'll probably end up getting socked in the jaw

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