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Default Re: Good Morning ~ Good Night

Guten Morgen, VT!

I have NO idea if that's even how it's spelled. Lol my alarm went off at 9:00 just like I planned for it to, but I was having the most fabulous dream and thus ignored it and went back to sleep. Half an hour later I was woken up by our monster of a vacuum cleaner, which kind of irritated me b/c my mom was the one who made up the rule "No loud noises on weekends before 12." Of course she made this rule up like 6 years ago to prevent me from waking her up with my trumpet, but whatever. I remember it I laid in bed for another half hour and then gave up. I got up and came into the computer room where I promptly kicked my mom off the computer, using the argument that since she was so rude as to make me get out of bed, I quite justly deserved the computer.

Thus, I'm on VT
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