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Originally Posted by Hungman View Post
i have very high grades, and do intensive workouts 3-5 times a week.

I smoke cannabis regularly, on a bi/tri weekly basis - everyday and have been for the better part of 2 years now. My grades have remained the same and my physical fitness has improved since i started, because when i did start i made an agreement with myself that if i was going to smoke weed i will exercise, i have not yet broken that agreement. I have done high doses of mushrooms in the past and will try again in the future, i have done acid 10 times, DXM twice (cough syrup, so dirty will never do again), done pills/ecstacy as well as pure MDMA crystals (on occasion, once every 3-4 months) cocaine once or twice (will only do if offered, to much money) and nitrous oxide. My favourite drug is LSD, however i use cannabis most often. I am stopping all drug use when my HSC officially starts and feel in no way these experiences have effected me negatively. Some will say i have a problem, some will say i have an addiction(s), but if you knew me you would know im a responsible person who puts his priorities (school work, health) first and his fun second. All the drugs i have taken are from trusted sources and are in no way harmful to your health (if you are perfectly healthy to begin with ie no mental disorders) IN MODERATION. Over use of anything can be a problem, its all about moderation

edit - funnily enough i do not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol as they have serious impacts on your health not just in the long term. I also do not drink coffee. Many people (on this forum and just in general) think taking any illegal drug is bad and will kill you when in actual fact if you do your research look up the facts and just be sensible when taking drugs there isnt a lot that can go wrong. I do however, must say that while it may sound i am advocating drug use, some drugs are not for some people. Also the 'harder' the drug, the more moderation required.
^^^^ This. For the love of science, this. I don't smoke marijuana regularly, and I have my apprehensions about cocaine, but in every other respect, my experience matches this gentleman's. While I wouldn't say I'm necessarily "a fucking genius", I'm also not exactly "a goddamned moron", either. I used to believe the same lies everyone else was told: that drugs are dangerous and evil. Then I decided to find out for myself. I've continued to be an A/B student, have no criminal record at all, get along with the children I babysit just fine, and am otherwise "the perfect middle-class white boy" stereotype. If I'd told any of my parents' friends all the kinds of drugs I'd done, they'd either be shocked out of their wits or think I was lying.

It still amazes me the lengths that governments around the world have gone to spread misinformation about drugs (or revolutions, or genocides, or anything else). Sometimes I worry that they'll convince the majority of the world's people about something truly frightening--such as "rulers have the right to kill citizens because citizens are property", for instance--and that the citizens of America or Brasil or Britain will calmly go along with it. It frightens me how infrequently people choose to think for themselves. It also frightens me just how elaborately truth is sometimes obscured to the point that even rational people have difficulty discerning facts from fictions.
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