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Originally Posted by phuckphace427 View Post
1. people make the conscious choice to begin using a drug that they understand is highly addictive and damaging, but they do it anyway because they don't care and just want to escape from their surroundings.

2. cancer is an involuntary disease that happens to people against their will. gonna need a better analogy because the two are not even remotely comparable.

3. pretty sure I can't get addicted to drugs if I don't try them in the first place. you're making it sound like I could just wake up one day and find myself with a heroin needle jabbed in my arm. addicts have no one to blame but themselves for their condition
I'm not saying that addicts should blame others. We have the freedom of taking our own choices while we take the responsability linked to them, and of course no one forced me to start doing drugs so I got addicted because I wanted.
What I want you to understand is that some people like me have underlying conditions like BPD (borderline personality disorder) that have substance abuse as a symptom because of its related null impulse control.
I used to be like you. If it happened to me, why can't it happen to you. Imagine loosing everything you ever loved one day. Imagine being in a situation in which you were likely going to die, and then thinking "Why didn't I die, I'd rather die than live." That's why I started doing drugs. I was really afraid of killing myself.
Believe it or not, it CAN happen to you.

What I meant with that is that it's not fair that addicts are treated like useless individuals who must be taken apart of society. The fear of addiction and stupid drug on wars are the reason of most drug-related deaths and crimes.
If you could go to your doctor and just get heroin, cocaine or any other drug (of course if you were already hooked), do you think all the drug mafia would even exist?
If there were basic harm reduction culture, heroin users would know how to safely IV their heroin.
If drugs were pure and not filled with toxic binders, there wouldn't be so much risk of overdose with drugs like heroin or cocaine.

I'm just asking you to PLEASE treat addicts like people, because all of us were once like you are right now, and if we ended up being addicts, it might as well happen to you, and I'm sure you'd think you deserved some respect afterwards.

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