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Originally Posted by lifelies View Post
Well you apparently didn't get it sir.
I'm just saying that I find it disrespectful that people like you say that drugs are "stupid". Dude, drug addicts are ILL PEOPLE.
I'm sure you don't say cancer is "stupid".

The funniest thing is that lots of drug addicts were once disrespectful anti-drugs like you. If you ever find yourself being addicted to a drug, you'll get why they're not stupid. Or maybe they're stupid and they just hook stupid people like me but not people like you?
Oh gosh c'mon.
1. people make the conscious choice to begin using a drug that they understand is highly addictive and damaging, but they do it anyway because they don't care and just want to escape from their surroundings.

2. cancer is an involuntary disease that happens to people against their will. gonna need a better analogy because the two are not even remotely comparable.

3. pretty sure I can't get addicted to drugs if I don't try them in the first place. you're making it sound like I could just wake up one day and find myself with a heroin needle jabbed in my arm. addicts have no one to blame but themselves for their condition

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