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gender? male
how old are you? 15
how tall are you? 6 ft

how old where you when you first masturbated? about 11 i think, could be wrong, i've been exploring my body for as long as I can remember.
where did you find out about masturbation? just happened naturally
how much time do you devote yourself to it a week? about 12 hrs I think, I have quite good stamina and I j/o a lot.
do you use pornography? usually
have you ever been caught? yup
-by who? my mum
--what did they do? not sure if she realised, she didn't react
---after they left, did you continue? yup
where is the strangest place youve done it in? same room as an awake friend, he didn't know I was doing it

have you ever had sex of any kind? nope
-what kind was it?n/a
--how old where you?n/a
---whas it good? or do you regret it?n/a
have you ever though of a friend sexualy? yup
would you let a male friend suck you? yup
-and finish it? yup
--would you do the same to him? yup
would you let a female friend suck you? yup
-and finish it? yup
--would you do the same to her? if she wanted me to, yeah.

have you ever been attracted to the same sex? yup
have you ever masturbated to the same sex? yup
if you dont, would you?n/a

have you ever gotten touchy with friends? almost, but he chickened out, I had to act like I did too.
-was it good? or did it ruin your friendship?n/a
--would you do it again?n/a
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