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I've just been raised in a way where it doesn't matter what your sexuality is. Half way through high school people were starting to find out I liked guys more than I like girls and this is still the same now... I think. I've messed up, I'm bi curious because I haven't done it with either gender so I can't label myself as anything yet. I will always say I'm "bisexual" because I'm open to anything and would rather it be with a guy than a girl in MOST CASES but yes I don't know. haha, I don't know why I'm posting this thread either and I hope not to confuse anyone too much

I found out I was bi after lying about it too people so I could get popular. They suddenly started to like me more when they found out "I'm greedy"

Obviously I've had these feelings for quite a long time, because I've been watching gay porn from year 7 and all this happened to me in y9/10 but lying about it made it come true.

This is where I've been lying to myself though, because in my opinion girls for me will only be "best friend material". I would say for this reason I'm either homosexual or asexual but like I've said before, if you tell yourself you're a bisexual then you don't close any doors for the future.I've met the right girl but I'm basing all of this on personality as by looks I find her repulsive

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