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Default Have you ever..

Have you ever wanted to get seriously hurt .. and like end up in the hospital .. like close to death.. just to see who would visit.. and who really cares about you? How people would react?

I don't know.. just something I thought about.. and I really would want that to happen. it might sound weird.. but i don't feel that anybody cares about me. Well, i know my family does.. but i mean like my friends. Sometimes i feel that none of them care about me.. and i just want to find out who does.. and want them to realize how much i mean to them.. if i do at all. know what i mean?

its like that quote.. "sometimes you just have to run away.. just to see who will follow"

..Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem..

I keep hoping for something that cannot possibly be real.
I wish I could just forget the way I feel.
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