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Another rambling i wrote to get my frustration out..

Don't deny that there is any problem,
or that you did anything wrong
because you are the problem
& you did a lot of things wrong.
Don't get me wrong
I have my faults too
But at least i'm true to you
the complete opposite of what you are to me
don't tell me you've never gone behind my back
&& don't tell me you've never lied to me
I'm the victim here
Ive never gone behind your back
or done the things youve done to me
ive watched you fall into a sea of fakeness
&& stuck by you no moatter what
everything you tell me
i question..
I want to trust you so bad
but how can I? when you have told me lie after lie?
i long for someone to trust.
you're my drug
& i'm addicted
no matter what you do to me,
i'll always come back for more.

..Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem..

I keep hoping for something that cannot possibly be real.
I wish I could just forget the way I feel.
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