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Default Re: Do I really suffer from OCD?

I believe you do have OCD. I'm no expert in psychology, however. But from what you say these are all tell-tale symptoms. The recent stress in your life it might have stirred things up.

With the "Gay OCD", don't let yourself get worked up over it. It's just in your head. Don't worry.

With the mouse clicking, that sounds like me. I do a lot of repetitive things that drive everyone else nuts but I can't stop.

So I'd say that whatever else seems like more than just a habit is linked to your OCD.

But hey. At least you aren't like me and have almost every symptom on the list. I tell you this not to get sympathy but to make you feel better in know that things could be worse.

Just keep calm and carry on. Don't let things get to you and stayed relaxed. You can talk to me anytime if you want. I've been a lifelong sufferer
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