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Default Re: the ultimate survey

age- 14
height- 5.8
weight- 135
shoe size- 12
build- lil meat but workin it off

cock hard- 7
cock soft-3
do u masturbate-hell yes
how many times a day- 1-4
how many times a week-5-15
str8, bi, gay, or curious-curious
pubic hair- yes
armpit hair-lil
facial hair-sum--shav it
ass hair-lil
leg hair-yes
chest hair-lil
ever compared with friends-yes
did u like it-hell ya
would u do it again-YES
ever had sex-no
with who-N/A
did u like it with whomever u did it with-N/A
weirdest place uve j/[email protected] skool in da class room/ friends bunk bed
normal place u j/o- bed/tolit
do u currently like some1- yes
same sex, opposite sex- opposite
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