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Default Re: the ultimate survey

age- 13
height- 1.65 ish (m)
weight- 80ish (kg)
shoe size- 11
build- more to love

cock hard- wtf
cock soft- wtf x2
do u masturbate- you bet your sweet bippy
how many times a day- 2 or 3
how many times a week- 10 - 20
str8, bi, gay, or curious- straight
pubic hair- yes
armpit hair- yes
facial hair- a tiny bit
ass hair- yup
leg hair- tiny bit
chest hair- starting
ever compared with friends- no, but we've looked with clothes on.
did u like it- what masturbating? yes
would u do it again- masturbating? then again yes
ever had sex- nope
with who- your mum
did u like it with whomever u did it with- oh she's good
weirdest place uve j/o-get ready for it, toilet, lounge, bed room, mums bed room, sisters chair, backseat of car, and the weirdest place i've ever done it is the CINEMA with heaps of people in it.
normal place u j/o- lounge room
do u currently like some1- yup
same sex, opposite sex- opposite
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