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Default Re: Has anyone else been transformed into a cynical jerk because of ocd?

Haha.. I haven't been diagnosed with OCD either but I've done some things like this before and a lot of my humour has ended up in being seeing people in pain (but not extremely)

I've just had to look up OCD on this website because I'm still trying to find out more about all different type of problem, and by what I've seen I don't think I have this but I'm trying to figure out why I keep counting things without even thinking. Sometimes when I'm spinning on a chair with wheels (I love doing this :L) I know when I've span around 50 times without even thinking about it. A random trigger goes off in my mind every time a friend in college starts sneezing, because I was used to counting it before as I found it funny and now I do it without even thinking. I have to swallow the sips from cups and bottles in multiples of 5 and if I end up going over 5 I have to keep going until I manage to stop on another multiple. I work mostly in multiples of 5 and a lot of other numbers don't usually work for me when I'm counting what I'm doing.
I don't know if this in itself is a form of OCD but that is something I've been thinking for a while
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